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    Applications for entry in january 2019 may be made between * oct 18 and oct 26 of 2018 (closing time 6:00 p.m.*) Registration is free.


    • Only one application may be made for any given program. If two applications are made, neither will be accepted.

    • The Universidad de los Andes does not conduct interviews as part of the admissions process.

    • If candidates have completed two or more university semesters and are able to provide evidence of the credits gained, they may request admission by way of the external transfer process.

    • Because of the nature of the ICFES examinations there is no minimum point requirement for registration. The university ONLY accepts the results of examinations taken after july  2016.

    • The university reserves the right to verify the accuracy of all information provided. If it is confirmed that information has been falsified, the relevant legal procedures will be followed.

    • Lists of successful candidates will be published on the website after 5:00 p.m. on oct 30*. Information will not be given out over the telephone.

    • Successful candidates will receive a letter from the Admissions and Registrar’s Office detailing the steps in the matriculation process.

    • Colombian nationals who hold dual citizenship should apply ONLY as Colombian nationals, using the number that appears on their Colombian Identity Card. Successful candidates who are not Colombian nationals will be required to obtain a STUDENT VISA.

    • In order to facilitate quick and easy communication it is of utmost importance that candidates provide details of the e-mail, residential address, land line and/or the cellular phone number, in Colombia, of a living relative or friend. It is therefore strongly recommended that candidates provide these details in the application form under HOME ADDRESS. If the candidate’s domicile is outside Colombia their ZIP or POSTAL CODE should be entered, if they have one.

    • Applications will not be received for programs that candidates have previously been suspended from.

    • Once they have completed the form candidates should not forget to click the ENVIAR SOLICITUD button so that their application may be processed.

    • Once the application has been sent candidates should print out the “Confirmation of Registration” page, which contains important information.

    • Detailed instructions on filling out the registration form are available:HERE

    Candidates with doubts about the process, or who require further information should call our help line on (571) 332 4468.

    * The relevant dates concerning the ICFES Admissions and Transfer Processes are subject to change and will be confirmed following final decision by ICFES on the official examination dates.


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